Cute Baby Bedroom Furniture Set ( Momimhar posted on June 6th, 2012 )

From the neighborhood garage sale two weeks ago, I can say that we did good.  Especially that we got something that we need for baby’s bedroom.  Actually, the neighbors have had these items available for sale last year.  My daughter was a newborn and was still sleeping in the crib so we did not get the items that time.

Fortunately, on this year’s garage sale, the neighbor’s kids bedroom furniture set was still available.  My husband and I were happy to know that the neighbor was giving it away for a very cheap price.  What our baby has right now in her bedroom is a toddler bed and two dressers.  The dressers are borrowed from my  sister-in-law.  We need to give them back because her daughter just got married and, pretty soon, might pregnant.  If not, we still have to give them back to her because we are ready for a new bedroom furniture for our daughter.

Bought these set of kids bedroom furniture set from a garage sale

We are very proud of this furniture set for baby’s bedroom.  I think it’s cute and the design is girly yet.  The color matches our daughter’s bedroom color.  The details on the furniture is really pretty.   The pieces need touch-ups and my husband will work on it very soon.

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