Neighborhood Garage Sale ( Momimhar posted on May 27th, 2012 )

We had a garage sale in our neighborhood yesterday.  The items I mostly displayed were baby clothes and baby gear.  The changing table furniture was also out for sale, and sold quickly.  What’s nice about having a garage sale is when you sell the items you want to get rid off.  The weather was great yesterday morning too.

Baby bath, bouncer, stroller

Though we really didn’t have much on display in the garage, our neighbors across the street had a LOT of items, and mostly were baby stuff too.  They have two kids, a young girl and a toddler boy.  So they pulled out all the cribs, bassinet, baby clothes, and toddler toys that they don’t need.  Since they are located in the corner, theirs were the first to be seen from the road and driving traffic to the neighborhood.

Yard sale at the neighbor's

There was a buyer who asked me if there’s still infant clothing that I want to sell.  He asked that question because he saw my little princess walking around and playing with the stroller and the display items.  I grabbed the box of baby clothes from 3 months to 12 months and picked a few pairs of outfits for his granddaughter who was with him.  He liked the baby outfits so he payed a good amount for those.  I am still saving some baby clothing for my future niece and friends’ newborn girls.  It is nice to give the slightly used baby clothes to those who need them.

My cousin and her daughter came over for the garage sale.  We walked to see what we can see at the other yards while my husband man the garage.  Her daughter found a big red Christmas teddy bear.  My little girl found this yellow duck.  The owner gave the girls the toys for free.  Yay!

Baby got this yellow ducky for free

The items left unsold are still available for sale in a reasonable price-the infant bath tub, bouncer, and universal stroller.  If you are interested, please let me know.

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  1. Denise says:

    This is what I love about garage sales because you’d get beautiful and in good condition items at a great price! Definitely a good bargain.

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