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Baby’s Second Trip To Oklahoma ( Momimhar posted on April 29th, 2012 )

It was kinda frustrating that we’re not able to splash in the water at the hotel resort’s swimming pool last weekend in Oklahoma.  I was excited to bring our swimwear and her Dora swimsuit.  But the chilly breeze stopped us from soaking in the pool.  We did not want to catch a cold so we were satisfied with the morning and afternoon walks at the hotel’s outdoor flower garden.

In the hotel, baby was fascinated playing with the sliding mirrors of the closet.  I think she thought about the elevator because when we go to the mall, we always take the elevators.  My little princess had a lot of fun with that-getting in and out of the closet.

Having fun playing with the sliding mirror

We’re happy because the hotel room was clean and free of bugs (or maybe I just didn’t see them crawling somewhere).  For only an overnight stay, I say that the hotel room is well-kept.  Whenever we want to stay in a hotel while on a trip, I make sure the staff is aware that we have a child with us.  I always ask if there’s an available pen.  It is important to know ahead of time so we can take our child’s playpen if the hotel doesn’t provide any.  And for child safety, we do our best to remember bringing extra outlet covers.

Our family had a great time on the trip in Oklahoma.  It would be nicer if we were able to swim in the pool though.

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