Permanent Birth Control ( Momimhar posted on April 27th, 2012 )

Today, I will be facing one of the big decision I made in my life.  At three o’clock in the afternoon, the procedure for the permanent sterilization is on.  After my husband and I sincerely talked about it, the decision is still with me.  Honestly I had blues few weeks ago.  That’s normal.  Now I am very sure of it.

I am  getting the Essure procedure.  It is a permanent birth control – no oral contraceptives (not until three months after the procedure), no rhythm or withdrawal, no replaceable implants, and no periodic depo.  Reviews have shown that the possibility of getting pregnant is very very low, like 5 in a 1000.  The procedure is hormone-free, non-surgical, and can be performed in the physician’s office.  The procedure can take about 10 minutes to do by a trained physician.

This is part of our family planning.  My husband and I are happy to have a very lovely healthy baby.  We are content with our lives now because we have a family of our own.  Parenting requires hard work both of us believe that with patience, love, and proper discipline we will be able to raise our beloved daughter to become a good person with respect and good values.

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