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Answered Prayer ( Momimhar posted on April 21st, 2012 )

It was this time of the year two years ago I found out I was expecting.  My heart was filled with joy because God answered my prayer.  The pregnancy was the perfect gift for our wedding anniversary.

They said that the first and third trimester of pregnancy is the critical stage.  Pregnant women will experience different kinds of issues like morning sickness, complications and other pregnancy problems.  Of course, every pregnancy is different.  I had only experienced morning sickness once or twice within the first trimester.  My OB/GYN advised me to drink fruit juice and milk everyday.  I really liked the fact that healthcare is a priority here in the USA, especially for pregnant women.  Prenatal checkups are very important to monitor the development and growth of the baby, plus the health status of the mother.

Gladly, I had bought the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” from a garage sale a year before I got pregnant.  Maybe I was anticipating that I might conceive some time soon.  Anyway, the book was very helpful to me as I read the chapters about how the baby is developing inside the mother’s womb.  The book served as my pregnancy guide and I was very happy because it has given me encouragement as well as giving the readers advices on how to take care of the pregnancy.

Whenever I think about my pregnancy experience, I cannot help but smile.  My heart is filled with love for my baby.  I will do everything for her and raise her prudently to become a good person.

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