Post-Easter Egg Hunt For Niece ( Momimhar posted on April 18th, 2012 )

My cousin and her baby girl came over today.  We planned a post-Easter Egg Hunt for my little one and hers.  They weren’t able to join the Easter Egg Hunt in McKinney because of the rain that weekend.  So we thought it would be nice to have our kids do egg hunting so my niece can experience, I believe, her first Easter Egg Hunt.

I scattered the eggs in the backyard that my husband mowed last night.  Most of them have goodies and money inside.  As soon as the girls heard that we are going outside, both anxiously went to the back porch door wanting to go out.  In their pretty Easter dresses and hats, they ran outside with their buckets.  They started picking up the eggs on the grass.

Hunting those eggs!

The weather was very nice this afternoon with mild breeze.  It wasn’t too hot.  After the egg hunt, my cousin blew some bubbles for the girls to chase.  What a wonderful day!  The kids had fun running around chasing each other and the bubbles too.  We took lots of pictures also.  We were like photographers of celebrity kids.  Hahaha!

It is really nice to have my cousin and her baby girl over.  We can catch up on things and share experiences on having a toddler.  At the same time, we are able to exchange general ideas about living away from home.

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