The Kids Are Growing Fast ( Momimhar posted on April 14th, 2012 )

It was really nice to hear my niece and nephews’ voices.  I  can tell they have grown so much by the tone of their voice.  My niece said she was done getting her clearance signed by the school officials and she is ready to be enrolled in the 8th Grade (Second Year high school) this coming school year.  Woah!  That was fast.  I mean, she is a teenager now.  I feel so proud seeing her in a high school uniform.

My nephew (niece’s baby brother), finished the Third Grade with the recognition of being the Most Neat and Clean in class.  Well, he’s a good-looking little boy.  My sister takes care of him and my niece too.  The siblings helps my other nephew also.  Because he is getting interested in going to school, they teach him ABCs and 123.  He is  doing good in writing his name as well as reading the alphabet and numbers.

I told the kids that I have shipped the package (Balikbayan Box full of gifts) already.  It was delayed for half a year :).  What matters most is that I still sent the package and I want them to receive belated Christmas gifts.  They are very excited as usual.

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