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Birthday Party And Pre-Easter Egg Hunt At The Lake ( Momimhar posted on April 3rd, 2012 )

We went to a birthday party again Saturday held at the lake.  My friend hosted hosted the party and early Easter Egg Hunting for the kids.

Beautiful day for party and boating at the lake.

It was a very pleasant day and perfect for the event to be held at the park.  There were already people when we got there.  My little girl immediately got fascinated with the boats running in the water.

Food and guests

Because the party was at noon, the food was ready and we started eating the delicious rice noodles, pork barbeque, spaghetti, Chicken Afritada, grilled White Bass, and others.

Getting ready for the Egg Hunting

After getting full with lots of yummy foods, chats, and picture-taking, we gathered together to get ready for the egg hunting.  The kids brought their baskets and bags.

Egg Hunting They Go

There were plenty of Easter eggs scattered all over the place including on the grass, behind the trees, and by the rocks.  As soon as the signal was given, everybody excitingly ran to hunt for the eggs.

Colorful eggs

And here are some of the found Easter eggs.  There’s chocolates, candies, and stickers inside them.  The lucky ones found eggs with money in them too.  Me and my little girl only found nine eggs.  We’re slow.

Birthday Favors

A birthday party is not over without giving birthday favors.  Here’s what my princess got from the party.  A good bay with chocolates and candies and a push-button bunny toy with candy balls.

The party wasn’t over yet that afternoon because the host arranged for a camping.  We did not join because baby’s is too young for that.  My friend did a good job organizing the birthday party for her son and the early Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  Thumbs up!

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