Skin Allergies? I Am Not Sure. ( Momimhar posted on March 29th, 2012 )

Baby is completely feeling better now.  I did not take her back to the doctor because the fever subsided the next day Friday.  My husband and I observed her temperature all weekend.

After a while, I noticed tiny red bumps on my baby’s skin.  I saw some on her face then a couple of days passed they’re on her back and tummy.  We couldn’t figure out what that was until my husband asked what I gave her the passed few days that’s new.  I said “strawberries”.  He’s doubting that strawberries did that – allergies.  He said some people get skin allergies by eating strawberries. He told me to stop giving baby strawberries for a few weeks to see if the skin redness will go away.  And let her eat some again.  If the redness comes back, then baby is allergic to strawberries.

On the other hand, I thought the tiny red bumps are heat rash.  Because my little girl ran a fever, I did not gave her a bath but only sponge baths for two days.  And when I resumed giving her baths from the day she was completely well, I noticed the red bumps were beginning to fade.    We did not put any anti-allergy cream or ointment on her skin.  But we could tell she was itching.  Oh dear.  We’re so worried about our little one.  We are thankful she is feeling really well now.

It is very difficult when your children get sick especially if they are little.  You have to be very attentive at all times.

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