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She Had A Boo-boo ( Momimhar posted on February 11th, 2012 )

My poor little girl had a boo-boo on her index finger.  She had a minor burn from a scented candle at the party today.  I did not know that my friend put scented candles in her house for the occasion.  She had one on the center table and my baby ran toward the children in the living room.  And, I think, she got delighted by the flame she tried to touch it.  I heard a loud cry from the living room and I saw her clasping her hands, terrified and hurt.  The candle wax was spilled on the table.

Blisters showed up immediately on her finger.  I put an ointment/cream on the affected area and I can tell that she is hurting because she kept clinging to me.  My baby had a bad day. 🙁  I hope the burn will heal very soon.

Aloe Vera (Sabila) is good for burns.  It’s cool extract relieves and soothes the pain.  Since we do not have Aloe Vera, I use toothpaste to apply on the affected skin.  The coolness of menthol helps to relieve the pain of burns too.

Another thing, if there will be a party or get-together and you are expecting guests with children, it is advisable to child proof the party.  This includes putting away breakable things and harmful objects like lighted scented candles.

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