Infant Growth Calculation ( Momimhar posted on February 9th, 2012 )

My little big Bright Bundle of joy is 14 months already.  Next month is her 15th month wellness checkup.  I wonder what’s her percentile now.  As I remember when she had her 12th month wellness checkup, her height is 75 Percentile.

Percentile is used when calculating an infant’s growth and development.  The basis for the percentile calculation are: baby’s age, body length (height), weight, and head circumference.  The infant’s percentile improvement shows on the growth chart record.  If the child has 50/50/25 percentile on her first wellness checkup then gets 50/25/50 on the next, that’s normal.  As long as the child is maintaining the same pace of the line in the chart and baby is eating, developing really well he/she is perfectly fine.  Some factors affect an infant’s growth – poor appetite because of teething, high energy/very active, and health problems.  But according to, “The most important thing is that your baby is growing at a steady, appropriate rate, not that he’s hit some magic number.”  So it is always best to talk to his/her pediatrician so these concerns will be well-regarded.

You can also check free online tools to see your child’s percentile calculation.  Me?  I will just wait for the wellness checkup result next month.

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