New Remodeled Play Place ( Momimhar posted on February 7th, 2012 )

Baby really enjoys playing at the play area in the mall.  We went to Collin Creek Mall this afternoon to have some fun.  We have been staying in the house for a couple of days because of bad weather, so it was time for us to get out for a breath of fresh air.  🙂

This was the second time we visited the mall after the new play place has been remodeled.  We are very glad they have decided to change the look of the area into a new colorful place for more comfort recreation for children.  As you can see in the pictures, everything looks very nice.

a tree with stairs and slide

When you enter the play area, this tree is on the left.  I also like the carpeting of the floor it is soft and very colorful according to the theme.

big red car

Here is the almost full view of the play place.  There are seats by the wall and a couple of shoes storage.

the boat and fish

the frog, big bear tunnel, and the tree slide

The toad is so green!  Anyway, my baby girl is always having fun in play areas like this.  This is another place where she can learn socializing and play with other kids too.  The mall is about 40 minutes away from our house.  Driving this far at least once a week is not so bad.

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