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Baby Has Graduated ( Momimhar posted on January 30th, 2012 )

Today, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday lunch.  My parents-in-law are here and they gave us a treat for my birthday.  Another blessed year for me.  I am getting old :).

My little princess is 13 months now.  She is getting taller and heavier too.  My husband and I decided to let her sit facing forward now because she is feeling uncomfortable in her rear-facing car seat.  According to Texas Law, it is required that babies stay rear-facing until 12 months age with the height or weight limit of the car seat.  This is for the child’s safety in the vehicle,

We looked for a good quality forward-facing car seat for babies.  Besides affordability, we also wanted the baby gear to be durable and well-cushioned for traveling.  We found and compared a couple car  seats but we agreed to pick the one from Graco.  It is well-cushioned and can be converted into a booster seat too.  My baby has graduated now.

facing-forward car seat

Anyway, we all enjoyed lunch and had a great time visiting.

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Having a Baby ( Momimhar posted on January 29th, 2012 )

My husband and I recently found out we are expecting our first child, and we really could not be more excited. We are discussing names and picking out paint colors for the nursery, and can’t believe that we’ll have a third member of our family within the next few months. We have also been saving a lot of money before we start spending a lot more money on things like diapers and, further down the road, preschool. As it turns out, having a child is incredibly expensive. We both knew that in a nebulous way, obviously, but once you start actually crunching the numbers it gets a lot more real. The cost of raising a child is astronomical, so we’ve started paring back wherever we can. We have started sticking to a really strict budget and we were so excited to stumble upon some great information on New York Energy Rates. We discovered that living in New York affords us the opportunity to save money by selecting an energy provider that will save us money. It is the easiest thing so far we’ve done to save money.

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

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On Her Tummy For The First Time ( Momimhar posted on January 20th, 2012 )

Baby started rolling over when she turned three months.  For the first time, that was when we arrived from our trip to Tyler.  I put her on her play mat so she can relax and be entertained with the hanging toys.  After a few minutes, she got very quiet.  Then when I checked her in the living room, she was on her tummy.  Hubby and I were very happy and proud with our little angel.

Every baby’s development stages differs.  No two babies are alike.  Some babies achieve milestones early and some are late bloomers.  The best thing to do is to monitor and observe your child.  And talk to the doctor about worries and concerns.

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