Na-na And Paw-paw Will Take Care Of Baby Tonight ( Momimhar posted on December 16th, 2011 )

Hubby and his company is having a Christmas Party tonight.  And we are going.  But before deciding if we want to attend or not, we talked about babysitting.  Because surely we will not get home until 11 P.M. from the party, baby should accompany and take care of baby.

My mother-in-law mentioned about babysitting my daughter.  But she has to drive 90 miles again.  Then I thought of my cousin.  She also have a one year old baby and both kids get along very well.  I called her to ask if she will be able to babysit my little girl.  She said yes.  But my mother-in-law already committed to come over.  So, my daughter will be with her Na-na and Paw-paw tonight.

Looking for a babysitter does not have to be difficult.  Whoever you think your child will be comfortable with like grandparents, sisters, or female cousins should be fine.  As long as you know your child will be in good hands while you are away, there is nothing to be worried about.

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