The Party Was Great! ( Momimhar posted on December 11th, 2011 )

My daughter’s birthday party was great.  Family and close friends attended the party.  They brought gifts and some foods  too.  Thanks to my husband and a friend for helping me with the cooking yesterday.  My cousin and sister-in-law  helped me with the decorations and favors.  I think everyone had a lot to eat because I did not expect the food to be plenty.  The cake and desserts were delicious!

birthday favors

My little one received lots of toys and clothing from the guests.  She enjoyed playing with the other kids at her party.  She looked really pretty in the purple and pink dress I bought for her from Dillards.  And guess  what, her cousin picked the dress and gave it to me.  So sweet.  When we were opening the gifts, my little princess had fun tearing the gift wraps.  She had a big day and putting her to bed last night was a little work.

birthday gifts

I will do the “Thank You” letters next week before Christmas so I will not be too occupied with work during the Holidays.

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