December Is The Get-Together Month ( Momimhar posted on December 5th, 2011 )

It was a fun get-together and Christmas Party yesterday.  Despite of the unpleasant weather, raining the whole time all day, we still went to attend the party with my cousin and friend.

We had lots of good food because all the attendees came with dishes they promised to bring.  The host’s house was crowded :).  After dinner, we started a couple of games.  I joined the “Make the longest line” game.  My group did not won though.  Next was the exchanging of gifts.  That was the highlight of the party.  I received a Winter Angel Candle Lamp.  My daughter got a Pillow Pet Turtle.  Oh how she loved the stuffed toy the moment she saw it.  She had fun dancing with other kids too.  She is developing her social skills.  I kept an eye on her because she always go to the Christmas tree and grab the gifts under it.   But my baby was fascinated with the tree.  Maybe because of the balls and the blinking lights.

It was really nice to see everyone at the party.  After all the busy schedules whole year round, still we get a chance to catch up with friends.  December is the get-together month.

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