Baby’s First Halloween 2: Trick or Treat ( Momimhar posted on November 1st, 2011 )

First of all, my husband and I agreed we will not take our little girl on trick or treat Monday night.  We will just stay at home and give treats to the visitors.  Our baby wore the Halloween outfit I bought online.  And she looked really cute!  When we got back from the Halloween photo session at a nearby neighborhood, the plan was changed.

Baby got curious of what was going on.  We know how she loves to go outdoors so much.  She got excited when we opened the door to the first visitor (a young girl in a fairy costume) and gave out some candies.  When the girl left and I had the door closed, my baby squirmed and began to cry.  Then she would not let me put her down.  She cried and got upset.  So I asked my husband’s permission to take baby out for trick or treat.  I put my baby girl in her forward-facing  stroller and  headed out.  We knocked on the neighbors’ doors (those who only had their front porch lights on).  Trick or treat!

After visiting a couple of neighbors, we came home with lots of treats in her pumpkin bucket.  She felt better and happy.

Taking inventory of her treats 🙂

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