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Childhood Christmas Memories – Father’s Bring Home ( Momimhar posted on November 30th, 2011 )

There is always happiness when a family is having fun.  I remember when I was little girl, we do not go out-of-town for the Holidays.  We just stay at home and celebrate Christmas with the family.

When my father was still working in the factory that makes rubber slippers, our Christmas celebration was nice.  He would come home with lots of goodies from the company’s Christmas party – hams, fruit  cake, fruits, a large bag full of pairs of slippers in different colors and sizes, t-shirts, and calendars.  As soon as we saw that bag full of slippers, my siblings and I tried them on.  He even won a few raffle draws.  As  far as I can remember my father brought home a fan, gas stove, and dinnerware.   That was one of the wonderful Christmas moments of my childhood.

Though I was wishing for a family vacation to, I say, my aunt’s house in the province so my siblings and I can play with my cousins, it would not be possible because we did not have a budget for that.  But we had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Year’s together at home because some of my aunts and cousins come to visit.  My aunts were giving us gifts like toys, clothes, and chocolates at Christmas.

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I Want To ExperienceThe Enchanting Disney World ( Momimhar posted on November 28th, 2011 )

One of the most enchanting dream that a child wishes to come true is a vacation to a magical place called the Disney World.  From the Walt Disney characters fascination to imagining the enchantment of being pampered and entertained by the fascinating Disney World is indescribable.  It has been my childhood dream to experience the world of Disney.

I will not let the opportunity pass me by when it comes.  A vacation to one  of the prestigious theme park in the world is a dream come true.  My little girl will definitely enjoy it too.  Staying in epcot resort hotels would be very ideal.  Because of the perfect location, the accessibility of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort is going to be convenient.  There is a complimentary scheduled transportation and extra magic hours benefit at Theme Parks.   And oh, I would to experience the Character Dining.  Right now, I am thinking that I would like to dine with Princess Belle.  I had stickers of her when I was in high school.  My daughter likes her too.  That would be fantastic!

I am wishing upon a star that these will all come true!

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Baby’s First Thanksgiving ( Momimhar posted on November 28th, 2011 )

We had a nice Thanksgiving Day celebration as usual.  It was special because it’s my baby’s first Thanksgiving.  She had a great time playing with her cousins and she enjoyed the attention the family is giving her.  Now that my baby girl is walking (she started walking at nine months), she’s all over the place.

Having a great time on Thanksgiving Day

My husband woke me up very early Thursday morning to finish getting ready.  When everything was ready and loaded in the car – our travel and diaper bags, Pack & Play pen, booster chair, infant bath tub, baby foods, and vanity bag – I gently took my baby from the crib, dress her up and put her in the car seat.  When we travel with baby, I make sure that her things are the priority.  I am glad she did not throw a fuss in the car.  Because usually babies will get fussy if they’re disturbed in their sleep.  It was a cool foggy morning when we hit the road to Whitehouse, Texas.  We left 15 minutes passed 8 A.M. so we can be there before noon.  Guess what, my baby did not go back to sleep the whole trip and refused to nap.  She got irritable that evening.

At the dinner table, we said our thanks for God’s blessings given to us.  I thank God for the safe, successful delivery and for giving us a healthy, beautiful baby girl.

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