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Developing A Reading Habit Helps Children Learn Quickly ( Momimhar posted on October 25th, 2011 )

One of the best thing you can give to your child is your time.  Spending time with your children either playing games or reading a book together are a precious treasured moments that you and your children will remember.  Bonding during the day or in the evening can always be fun.  Talking at meal time or reading a story book at bed time are both worthwhile.

Developing a reading habit at an early age helps children learn quickly as they enhance language and comprehension skills.  The more you show enthusiasm in reading to your kids, they will automatically get the interest with it.

Besides children’s books and family magazines, nature books are interesting too.  Have you read Tristan Goes to the Store with your child?  It is a story of a fluffy frise do who loves to go to the pet store.  I bet your child will enjoy reading this book as he or she imagines how Tristan, the dog, gets excited as he sees other pets.  You will find rich language teaching concepts for your young readers in this book.  Get a copy of this book now and read it aloud with your child.  Let this be added to your children’s book collection.

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Kids Love To Play Games ( Momimhar posted on October 21st, 2011 )

Children like playing games.  Who doesn’t?  Each one has a preference which game he or she wants to play that will bring more fun.  From being little to growing up where they can move more actively, kids play games with fun and excitement.  In addition to keeping their body healthy and fit in playing games, they learn social skills and boost self-esteem.

My niece and nephews love to play pretend.  I enjoy watching them as they play together with their friends.  Sometimes they have fun and play better inside the house when the sunshine is too hot to bear outside.  If my niece does not feel like joining the boys, she and her girl friends play jumping rope in the shade.  The boys will argue once in while but it’s normal.  They get along soon after.

Then a snack vendor will come by.  She sells different kinds of snacks-rice cake, deep-fried sweetened bananas, cheese bread…etc.  My niece and nephews will come to me or to my mother asking if they can have some.  Of course,  we will not buy only for the kids but for everyone in the house.

Under The Cabinet Lighting Needed ( Momimhar posted on October 17th, 2011 )

Putting my baby to sleep at night is not difficult but sometimes, when she is teething, she wakes up in the middle of the night.  She gets fussy and cries a lot.  I put oral gel on her gums to help ease the discomfort.  It helps somehow.  I also make her bottle because there are times she gets hungry.  Like I said, this happens only when she is teething.  My daughter sleeps through the night already when she turned two months old.

What I am having difficulty with when making her bottle in times like that is, I cannot see what I am doing.  I had to switch on the kitchen light which is too bright.  What I want is an under cabinet light at the bottom of the upper kitchen cabinet to simply light the are on the counter  where the formula and water are.  So that it will be easy for me to fix my baby’s formula without getting the whole kitchen lighted up.

I asked my husband if it is possible.  He said he will search for under cabinet lighting bulbs online so we can get it cheaper.  That would be nice.

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