Bonding Time With My Sister ( Momimhar posted on September 19th, 2011 )

My younger sister and me.

My younger sister and me.

This is my younger sister (in red sunglasses) and me.  Our picture was taken four years ago when we were traveling to Cebu for a three-day getaway.  My thoughtful husband provided travel expenses for the whole trip.  It was a great experience sailing.  And that was the first time my sister has been to Cebu.  She really enjoyed our mini-vacation.  It was also our bonding time since I left for Manila to pursue college and had to work at the same time.

I really missed spending time with my siblings.  Our family’s difficulty getting by brought a gap between me and my siblings.  I had to go to find a job after high school to help my parents provide for the family.  My younger siblings were still in school.  I was away from home for years.  Time lost and never get to know my siblings growing up.  I felt really bad when she got married soon after she graduated high school.  I cried for weeks because I was disappointed.  I had a dream for her.  I wanted her to finish college like I did.  I wish I was there to give her sisterly advice and stuff when she needed it.

But past is past.  I was very happy that opportunities like these came.  Now we have families of our own.  Although we’re busy, I enjoy every single moment we talk and catch up on things over the phone or on the Internet.

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