Baby Bedtime Routine ( Momimhar posted on September 12th, 2011 )

As I was playing with my baby last night, my youngest sister who is in college called long distance asking for a favor.  She wanted me to help her with her report.  Her professor gave her and two other classmates (in her group) a topic about insurance. I told my sister that as soon as her niece goes to sleep, I will help her research.

My baby and I have a routine every night before going to bed.  After a bed time bath and already in her pajamas, I let her relax for a while in her crib by playing the music from the Lambie.  We play a little while then we read a book (at least one).  When she shows sleepiness I give her milk and we will rock on the rocking chair.  There are times my little one would fall asleep in my arms.  As I put baby in the crib a good night kiss, “I love you”, and “Sweet dreams” make her feel safe and secure.

The I took my netbook and searched for the insurance company that my sister told me about.  I created a couple of documents for her to study and to present on the day of the report.  That includes the benefits of acquiring healthcare/medical coverage in cases of hospitalization due to pregnancy and delivery.

I hope my sister and her group will do a good job reporting tomorrow.

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