When The Calendar Page Turns To September ( Momimhar posted on September 1st, 2011 )

September is here again.  What do we have in mind when the -ber month comes?  Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving…what else?  Me, I thought of Christmas already.  Silly but true.

Back home in the Philippines, you will hear Christmas song playing on the radios.  Product exhibits begin to show up in the malls and people starts shopping  for Christmas gifts as early as September.  I guess these have become a tradition for us.  The breeze already gets cool and excitement is in the air.

My all time favorite Christmas song is “Mary’s Boy Child” by Boney M.  It is a beautiful song.  It means to me because of the memories it brings back whenever I hear it.  This song was my younger sister’s School Field Demo piece during the December Town Fiesta celebration when she was in the fifth grade.  I still have the cassette tape where the song is in.

When the calendar page turns to September, you know what is on my mind.

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