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My cousin is moving soon.  And would you believe that she will be living close to my house?  My husband and I thought it’s great.  She is the only relative I have here in the USA who will be closer to me.  She also has a baby girl one month older than mine.  And in two months, her child will be celebrating the first birthday.

As early as August my cousin is planning her baby’s birthday party.  She asked my advice about the venue, food, and birthday party supplies.   Because they are in the middle of the big move, my cousin agreed to have the party at her house after the house warming.  The house warming will be in September so she still has the time to prepare for the party.  It going to be a big event because it is her daughter’s first birthday celebration.  We have already talked about the refreshments.  Food and games are going to be delicious and fun.  We will do carnival games with the young guests.  The birthday falls on the Halloween week so the young guests can wear masquerade masks with birthday hats.  That would be cute!  Then a visit to a party supply store online helped us with the planning.  We got great ideas and we started shopping for novelties.  Party ideas, supplies, and novelties all in one store.  Cheap prices.  Awesome!

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