Excited For Back-To-School ( Momimhar posted on August 22nd, 2011 )

We are very thankful for Tax Free weekend in preparation for back to school here in the US, which starts today!  August 22.  It is still one of the best ways to save money on shopping for school supplies.  Children always get excited and inspired when they have new stuff.

I  remember back home when my sister, together with her kids, and I shop school supplies two weeks before the school starts.  We buy…

  • new pens and pencils
  • pencil case (only if the old one is worn out)
  • pads of paper (by grade level)
  • writing journals (informal and formal)
  •  spelling booklets
  • graphing papers
  • art papers (in different colors)
  • sketch pads and colored pencils
  • glue, adhesive tape, and erasers
  • plastic and brown envelopes
  • short and long folders
  • cartolina and manila paper
  • notebooks (one for each subject-total of 10)
  • school bag (for my niece)
  • backpack (for my nephew)
  • new socks
  • underwear
  • hair accessories
  • body essentials
  • new shoes

…and others.  Well, how about the uniforms?  When it comes to uniform, my sister just buy yards of garment and she have them tailored into uniforms.  It is better to have the uniforms tailored because they fit perfectly (with a little inches to spare for growth).  Back home, the school year starts in June.  We feel very happy to see the children so excited and anxious for school.  It is always nice seeing students in uniform.  They look sharp.

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