A Surprise Party ( Momimhar posted on July 10th, 2011 )

It was a very pleasant day today and my cousin and I went to Bedford in the afternoon to attend a friend’s baby shower.  It’s more than an hour drive from where I live.  We took the toll road because that is the easier way.

Being with friends is always fun and enjoyable.  The two sisters hosted the surprise party and they really did a wonderful job!  The food is awesome.  What I like best were Shrimp Veggies Stew, Pork Adobo, Pansit, and Rice Cake (puto).

Whenever we are with friends, the talks are never ending.  We just talk about lots of things.  Most of us are mothers so topics on babies are common.  The conversation just keeps on going.  So little time.   Camera flashes everywhere on pictorials.  ‘Love it.  And the pictures will be posted on Facebook later.  Hahaha!  The mommy-to-be of a baby girl (again) had great time on her surprise baby shower too.  Couple of weeks to  go and baby will be here.

To Pinay American and sister, thank you very much for inviting me and my cousin.  ‘So glad to see everyone.  Looking forward to another get-together in the near future.

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