Leaving High School Life ( Momimhar posted on June 2nd, 2011 )

Congratulations to the graduates of Class 2011 especially to my husband’s nephew!

I remember my high school graduation day back in 1994.  We were very proud on the stage in our white toga receiving our diplomas.  The four years of high school earned us friendship, lessons, and knowledge to be used as a guide to our future endeavor…college.

Every memory of my high school life is beautiful (except some personal challenges).  High school days are exciting and fun.  The friendship we built was strong.  I still hear from my batch mates once in a while.  My teachers were wonderful.  Like everyone else, I had favorite teachers.  But it is normal to pick favorites.  I had a couple:  Ma’m ‘English’, Ma’m ‘Science’, Ma’m ‘Filipino’, and…Ma’m ‘Social Studies’?  No!!!  I never liked her ever since.  Even so, I graduated a Salutatorian.

I treasured all the memories of my high school days.  They are so great that they make me smile whenever I reminisce.

Although we were sad on our graduation day, we were happy too.  Sad because we will have to part ways and will not hang out in the high school canteen anymore.  Happy, because we will no longer be in a whole day class.

High school graduation is the start of the big milestone that is waiting ahead.

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  1. hehe…I also graduated from high school in 1994. that makes us batchmates, then! 🙂
    Nothing beats high school…haaay…

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