Operation Tuli In The Summer ( Momimhar posted on May 19th, 2011 )

Hurray to my nephew!  He is now circumcised.

I heard from my mother that my sister took her son to the Operation Tuli (Operation Circumcision) held in the nearby Barangay on Tuesday.  He was so persistent that he is ready to be circumcised.

Although, he did not know what to expect there.  According to my mother, my nephew freaked out when a boy cried and blood was running down his legs after his circumcision.  My poor nephew cried hysterically.  He got scared the moment he saw the other boy crying.  And when it was his turn, four people helped to lay him down because he was wiggling and resisting so hard.  He said he does not want to be circumcised anymore.  The doctor did his best to calm my nephew.

The circumcision was quick.  When it was time to do the stitches, the doctor asked my nephew count to twenty so his attention will not be on the stitching.  He was given anesthesia during the process of  course.  My nephew is in the healing period now.  But I think he has the trauma of it.  I told my mother to tell him that my husband and I are very proud of him.  Forget the scary part because he is brave for doing it.

To me, tuli or circumcision is a true ritual of Filipino manhood.  Usually this big event in a young boy’s life takes place in the summer when the school year ends.

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  1. Riza says:

    When my son was about to have it, I hesitated that’s why it took a long time for him to be circumcised. I thought that since we don’t have his father around to help him understand and care for the wounds, it would be best that he have it a later more, so he won’t feel so clueless about it. 🙂

    Glad that the tuli was over for your nephew, your sister won’t have any more worries 🙂

    • Momimhar says:

      Hi riza, my nephew is 8 years old and he said he’s ready for the tuli. I understand the fear he had
      when he’s in the room. Since my sister and him was already there, they went for it. And yes, they won’t worry about it no more.

      • Maria says:

        My son had it at 10 years old and the girl who did his procedure helped greatly by talking to him and calming him. Just her and my son was in a single room where it was done. She kept smiling at him and talking to get his mind off of it. She is the best at this that I have ever seen. He was even laughing a little as she completed him.

        • Momimhar says:

          I know the procedure is traumatic. But with proper care and support from family, it’ll be all right. So nice of the girl who did the procedure. She is really a great help.

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