Merits And Awards ( Momimhar posted on April 23rd, 2011 )

We are thankful that the Graduation and Closing program of my niece and nephew went well.  It was on April 7th.  The program started at seven in the morning and fully finished at noon.

My niece got a Most Behave while my nephew (her brother) got the Most Polite, and Most Neat and Clean awards.  We are so proud of them.  The always have merits and awards each school year.  My niece is so happy she finished grade school.  Now she has to prepare for high school.

I talked about the treat for them from my previous post.  Well, I am saving money for it so I can send them to the place they would really love to go.

Guess where?

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  1. Mayet says:

    congratulations to both of them:)

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    human na add dai

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    mali diay ako link nabutang ganina lol…

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