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Gift Wrapping Gifts ( Momimhar posted on November 29th, 2009 )

I am starting to work on Christmas presents for my family in the Philippines.   Though I decided to send the package, I want to have my gifts for them gift wrapped for Christmas.  I know these will not get there on time, but it is better to ship the package immediately so my family will receive it in just a couple of weeks.

Besides Christmas presents, I also have birthday gift items to be shipped.  I enjoy doing this because my family, especially the children, loves the gifts I send.


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He Is Home ( Momimhar posted on November 23rd, 2009 )

My brother-in-law is home now. He arrived the day when are leaving Leyte. He got stranded in Manila for a day because his flight to Leyte was canceled due to bad weather. I feel bad because the schedule of his flight home was messed up. ‘Haven’t had the chance to meet my husband. But we will see him in the years to come. Another vacation with the family is coming up 🙂

Anyway, I am happy that he is home with his family now. Everybody is glad to see him again after two years of working abroad. I heard from my parents that my niece and nephew almost do not want their father to be out of sight 🙂 Aw..that is sweet. Surely they missed their father’s company and attention.

Win A Dora the Explorer 9 Bin Toy Organizer ( Momimhar posted on November 10th, 2009 )

If you are tired of looking at the cluttered toys inside your kids’ bedroom, you should find a solution to this problem. A toy organizer would be a the best thing to get for ’em. Want to get it for free? Join Mommy Journey’s Dora the Explorer 9 Bin Toy Organizer Giveaway.

Visit the link, and follow the instructions. It is a pretty cute toy organizer. I am sure your kids will love it.

You might get the chance to win and this could be the answer to the cluttered toys in the house 🙂 The contest ends on November 15, so join in!

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