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Summer Vacation Begins ( Momimhar posted on March 31st, 2009 )

Graduation period is here. That means summer vacation will begin one of these days. This is what everyone wants, especially the kids. Summer is our favorite season of the year. The children have a lot of time to have fun on their vacation. They have more time to spend with with family and friends. Playing outdoors occupies most of the the kids’ time everyday. That is fine. You can see the enjoyment and happiness in their eyes!

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Breasfeeding Is Better ( Momimhar posted on March 5th, 2009 )

Healthy children are free from sickness. They are lively, active, and bright. Health experts say that breast milk is the best food to sustain a baby’s nutrition. In fact, babies get the huge health benefits from breast milk. I do not think majority of the mothers are breastfeeding today. With the growing number of working mothers, the idea of feeding babies with breast milk is left behind. There are women who do not have the capacity to produce breast milk so they rely on infant milk substitutes in boxes or in cans. I understand that.

Me and my siblings were breastfed. During those times, my mother was eating healthy foods to sustain her body with good nutrition. Practically, breastfeeding is better.

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